The Psychology of Global Warming
The Rockland Bern Video Magazine
Time to Sound the Alarm
The Arctic ice, according to the most recent research data, will be completely melted in 2 to 3 years!  We are teetering on the edge of “no return”. A fall into the abyss is almost certain unless we act quickly. The Rockland Bern steering committee has therefore identified ‘global warming’ as its most important overriding issue. Though the next video is of a presentation done in 2007, it brilliantly explains why the human response to global warming is only ‘luke warm’.  At its core, this video is a blueprint for understanding what is holding people back.  We must use this blueprint and our creativity to design  messages that will actively wake people up, in order to save our planet.
The Rockland Bern through its steering committee has identified its 2nd most important issue and therefore focus.  Money in politics has been turning our country into an oligarchy.  Research tells us that our Congress votes against our interests (the 99%) at least 80 percent of the time.  Instead, we have officials who are beholding to their largest contributors, and thanks to the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United those largest donors are enjoying much greater influence than ever before. Relating to our #1 issue, that of Global Warming, big money in politics has been promoting their short term profits over a sustainable and livable environment.    
Get Money Out of Politics